Let me make your voice over projects a breeze by offering you over 30 years experience as an award-winning international voice actor specializing in creating unique and evocative characters, impersonations, voice caricatures, plus a smooth and polished voice over spokesman capable of a wide variety of delivery styles, from warm and inviting, to fun and quirky, to serious or hard sell, offering the complete spectrum of human emotions to breathe life into scripts and sound “real”.

You’ll sense a strong connection with the listener, whether for radio, TV, documentary or industrial narrations, animations, e-learnings, trainings, audio books, podcasts, on-hold messaging, voice mail greetings or any other voice over project you can imagine.  In short, I’m like Gumby. You can mold me any way you like, because I take direction exceptionally well.


Client List (Partial)

* National Geographic Wild Channel
* CBS-TV Channel 2, Chicago
* Bayer Corporation, Germany
* Charles Schwab Portfolios
* HTC One Cell Phones
* Subway Restaurants
* John Deere-Hitachi
* General Electric
* Konica-Minolta
* Ocean Spray
* Siemens
* HP/Intel
* Festool
* Prevagen
* RCN Cable
* Fisher Price
* Australian Gold
* Wyoming Tourism
* NCC Certified Nurses
* WIVB/CBS-TV, Buffalo, NY
* Cedar Park Amusement Parks
* Mossberg Patriot Hunting Rifle
* Prison Fellowship International
* TN Department of Transportation
* Trained Assassins TV Hunting Series